Focus Groups

We have an established framework and database of trusted, experienced personnel who will be involved in the Focus Groups so can guarantee that reaction time to Client’s needs is swift, efficient, well-resourced and professional.

The Focus Group strategy offers a fast result where there would be insufficient time for Party Plan Trials, or where a product range may not currently be available.

Our Method of Operation

  • We have built a database of 60 potential Focus Group members who are highly experienced in working within a Direct Sales environment, whether that is with Party Plan, MLM or door-to-door businesses.
Focus Groups

  • If there is a requirement to incorporate people from outside of the industry or people who have not necessarily had any experience of purchasing through a direct sales route, we are able to accommodate this request too.
  • We can provide coverage across England, Scotland and Wales in order to incorporate demographic differentials.


Structure of Focus Group

We can be flexible in terms of the mix of group members depending on our Client’s requirements, and can set up single or multiple Focus Groups for one assignment as necessary.

Additionally we can offer ongoing Consumer Panels for example to trial new strategies or to offer feedback on new product ranges with the option to create ‘remote’ internet focus groups / internet surveys should a company wish to extend their market research at a lower cost option following a face-to-face Focus Group meeting.

Our Services

  • Range of options to suit Client’s needs and budget
  • Feedback, collation and analysis of results tailored to individual Client requirements.
  • Professional service organised, structured and managed to completion
  • Total management of the process outsourced to Pam Anthony Recruitment provides a ‘no hassle’ option to the Client
  • Full service offered by a team with over 30 years combined experience in Direct Selling and Party Plan, Sales and Marketing across a variety of companies
  • Skills and experience of Focus Group members can be matched to product type if desired (i.e. beauty products trial can be assigned to members linked with cosmetic / skin care companies)
  • Client involvement can be as hands-on or as remote as required
  • Discreet and confidential service guaranteed

After the Trial

We can help you with recruitment, training and marketing to assist with your entry phase to the UK market or the opening of a Party Plan channel, by providing corporately employed candidates on either an interim or permanent basis, with a wealth of experience in Direct Selling who can train and develop the skills of new Consultants and help build a team.

Call us on +44 (0)1706 231354 for more details or please submit your brief contact details and we will be pleased to call you.