Our Approach

With many years’ experience in the Direct Selling industry, we operate by providing high calibre Candidates to our clients on a dedicated consultancy basis.

As a Candidate we offer you the following guarantees:

  • We Never

    put you forward just to fill an ‘interview slot’.

  • We Always

    keep your details confidential.

  • We Never

    talk to a Client about you without your prior permission.

  • We Always

    aim to meet with you to better understand your needs, your personality type and your aspirations.

  • We Never

    submit your CV without your permission.

  • We Always

    strive to create long-term relationships with our Candidates as well as with our Clients. Indeed, we often find that our Candidates become Clients and vice versa!

  • Total Discretion Assured

    Our business is based on trust, and total discretion and confidentiality is assured in all our communications.

  • We Can

    ...work actively on your behalf and contact suitable companies to try to obtain a successful placement for you

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If you have experience in the Direct Selling industry and are looking for your next career move, or if you would simply like to register with us so that we may contact you with opportunities that we think would be of interest to you in the future…
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A Consultant will be pleased to then contact you to discuss your requirements further.

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Career Advice & Tools

A clearly laid out, concise, well-constructed and user-friendly CV is essential for highlighting your talents and showcasing your skills and experience.

If your current CV needs updating, download our CV Compilation Guide below to ensure you have included all the relevant information.

Once at interview stage, check out our Brief Guide to Attending Interviews below for some handy tips and advice!

(Click on the links to open the documents as PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader which you can download here.)

  • CV Compilation Guidelines

  • Attending Interviews Brief Guide

  • Selling Yourself At Interview Guide

Candidate Testimonials


View all of our Testimonials on LinkedIn

EK / January 2024

“I have known Pam and her team for a number of years, and I was in contact with her in December 23 and January 24 as a candidate for a senior management role in an international direct selling company. The information she provided about the position and the company were very professional, precise and clear. Since Pam and her team are in the industry of direct selling, they provided me as well with a lot of insight and advice. The organisation of the interviews, feedback, negotiation was impeccable, and I do recommend working with her, either as a candidate or a recruiting company, I would definitely do it myself again. ”

ZD / October 2023

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Pam and Sue for their invaluable assistance in my journey to secure a position at my current job. Their professionalism and expertise in the recruiting process were exceptional. From the very beginning, they exhibited a deep understanding of the role and a genuine commitment to finding the perfect fit for both candidates and employers.

Pam and Sue went above and beyond to ensure a seamless and insightful experience for me. They asked all the right questions, providing a thorough preparation that allowed me to step into interviews with confidence. Their insights not only helped me navigate the hiring process smoothly but also made me feel well-prepared to join my new team.

I believe that Pam and Sue’s dedication to their work and their ability to discern the ideal match between me and the company I now work for played a pivotal role in my successful employment. I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people at the LightSource Charity, and it’s all thanks to Pam and Sue’s meticulous work in connecting me with this opportunity.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pam Anthony Recruitment to any organisation seeking top-tier recruitment services. They are truly exceptional professionals who make a significant difference in the lives of both job seekers and employers. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them, and I am excited for anyone that will be contacted by them in the future.”

JG / August 2023

“One of the most important aspects of recruiting/head hunting is ability to create close contact and follow up between all three parties;
– the employer
– the recruiter
– the candidate

This have from my perspective as candidate been absolutely 💯! Pam & Sue followed every step, kept me in the loop, responded fast of my questions and made me feel very confident and comfortable in the whole process.

This combined with their ability to identify the underlying professional and personal skills, motivation and abilities is the foundation for a great recruitment that matched me with Radial. A perfect match that I couldn’t have seen myself and I could not be more grateful!

Thank you Pam & Sue for a fantastic journey! ”

CB / March 2023
Extract from a LinkedIn post:
…would like to thank Pam & Sue from Pam Anthony Recruitment very much for their help and support, you are the best! I’m excited to start my new job!

PD / March 2023
I would like to thank Pam Anthony for her support, her insight and her guidance throughout my recruitment process. Their professionalism allowed me to get answers to the different questions I had. So if you are in need, do not hesitate to contact them. Thanks to all of them.

EK / October 2022
I have been working with Pam’s company as a candidate and can highly recommend it! Pam is a very experienced recruiter, super professional with a deep knowledge of an industry. She gives a lot of support throughout the process, to ensure smooth recruitment with a great outcome. Pam is very proactive, quick in providing feedback, and really has a lot of empathy to the candidates as the whole process can be long and challenging. I was really enjoying working with Pam’s company.

HB / June 2022
Pam has been a contact that I’ve liaised with on and off over the years. But recently she helped me to find my next role. Both Pam and her team were incredible throughout; personable, organised, professional and thorough. They sent some lovely touches and offered support from the initial application stages right through to my first week in the role. Highly recommended.

SP / April 2022
What a fantastic service Pam and Sue provide. From the first call I received from Pam to the the job offer the communication was first class. A big thank you to Pam for all the support she gave me during the process.

NV / February 2022
I can barely describe with words the professionalism , kindness and efficiency of Pam Anthony. Any Company can find here the solution for their talent needs and any candidate will enjoy the feel good factor , and the adequate support for a smooth career transition.
I strongly recommend and I will always rely on Pam to support my career steps!

JS / July 2021
Since the first day Pam contacted me, I have been impressed with her attitude – a unique and genuine combination of passion, caring and professionalism. Pam will work with candidates individually to understand their career needs and motives so that she can find the proper proposition, meeting that personal profile.
In contrast to others, Pam will go to great lengths to connect the important dots between a talent and the needs of the recruiting organization, rather than being the typical bot, intermediary between the two sides.
Working with Pam and her team has been an amazing experience for me, and I would confidently use Pam’s services in my new role. I strongly recommend her to any executive level candidate or recruiter.

EF / April 2021
I must say that being “headhunted” by Pam is probably the best recruitment process I have ever been a part of, on either side of the table. While other recruiters can treat you like merchandise and you have the feeling of being a nobody. With Pam you have a professional in your corner. She will motivate you, promote you, and you can trust her to always keep her word. There is no question that Pam gave me an opportunity with a great company, and I would probably not have this job today if it had not been for Pam.

CB / February 2021
Pam has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process. Very professional and dedicated. I cannot thank you enough for you full support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career, thank you

TK / January 2021
I had some experience with headhunter, but the most were not really good. Pam, is really different. Our first touch was really good. Through all the process Pam great support was awesome and highly professional. Pam, thanks for your really good work and your help for the longer process during the weird year 2020.

AS / December 2020
I was recently made redundant and reached out to Pam for help, it was the best decision. Pam has been supportive, helpful and a great communicator ultimately helping me into my new role with an amazing company where I can really develop my skills and share my knowledge and expertise. My future is looking very bright thanks to Pam and her company.

BB / August 2020
“Working with Pam was a great experience! She is highly professional, quickly responded to questions and clarified any ambiguity. She supported me throughout the whole process and gave guidance based on her abundance of knowledge and experience. Last but not least I want to thank her for her kindness, which comes always with her dedicated work.”

PP / February 2020
“Working with Pam Anthony was a real pleasure for me. I admire Pam’s professional attitude to work. She had observed my profile and my previous experience in the right way before contacted me with her client – international Multilevel Marketing Company, so that to be sure I really fit to the position of Marketing Manager in that company. Even our communication was from a big distance and only online, I could feel Pam’s honesty, integrity and professionalism so I trusted her from the very beginning. After my contact with the company Pam was keeping me updated for every next stage, caring to be informed about absolutely everything so that I would be able to make my opinion, which is very essential in taking such important desertions in life. Pam was with me in every stage – from my application for the position, through my communication with the company, to the signing of the contract, and even more – asking me how I feel in my new role now – well, I am happy and I am extremely grateful to Pam Anthony! Pam Anthony cares about the companies, cares about the applicants and do whatever depends on her everybody to be happy – and Pam knows how to do it. Thank you, Pam!”

EH / January 2020
“Pam is brilliant. She has such great knowledge of the direct selling industry which means she can find the perfect match between a candidate and company. Pam recently went above and beyond to secure me my dream role with a wonderful company. She was there every step of the way and knew that her client would be interested in my profile. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone who is seeking a new role within the direct selling industry. She will ensure that the match is right and give you great advice to use during interviews. Thank you Pam and Sue for helping me!”

SR / October 2019
“I’d highly recommend Pam Anthony Recruitment. Both Pam and Sue have been wonderful in helping me secure my dream job. They supported me through each stage of the process, giving guidance and valuable insights based upon their years of experience in the field. Can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done – and always with kindness, sincerity and professionalism. “

AMB / July 2019
“I would strongly recommend Pam Anthony. As a client who’s been through the recruitment process with Pam’s Agency I am now delighted to be in my dream job which wouldn’t have happened without the support and guidance from Pam.”

LP / May 2019
“I can’t recommend Pam Anthony Recruitment highly enough! Pam and Sue are lovely – so helpful, understanding and professional. They really do go out of their way to help find the perfect job for their clients and to make sure the whole process runs smoothly.”

MO / April 2019
“Pam is a true professional and approached me in a confidential and sincere manner . She’s a great listener and communicator in finding you what’s likely to be your dream job. I’m very lucky and you could be too…”

SR / April 2019
“Sue was fantastic! From the moment she contacted me with this opportunity to the follow-up contact I had with her after I had started the new job she was totally professional in a warm and natural way. Sue is very friendly and approachable and was a massive support for me at a time when I wasn’t feeling a huge amount of positivity! They say that everything happens for a reason! I’m very grateful that karma was presented in the form of Sue as my advocate. The support and advice with regards to my C.V. was definitely appreciated as were the interview tips and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending her”

AT / February 2019
“I have been connected with Pam for a number of years recently was on the look out for the perfect role. Pam and Sue completely understood the direction I wanted to take in my career as well and placing me with a company whose values matched that of my own. Always professional, Pam and Sue were there throughout the selection process and really were my ‘go to’ throughout the interview stages. I cannot recommend them enough, every candidate should have the same experience when looking for their next move.”

EK / September 2018
“Pam Anthony is a real professional, every step of the way I felt she held my hand, she was personally involved in my rather complicated process and was super helpful even when the process was successfully finished. Respectful to country and cultural differences, attentive to any questions and doubts, Pam made me feel secure and reach a new step in my career.”

LC / May 2018
“After countless poor treatment and disappointments from agencies I was contacted by Pam Anthony recruitment. expecting the same thing I cautiously went in to conversation with Pam and Sue

What happened from then on was nothing but an absolute blessing. They were so thorough, so kind and so professional, I almost thought it was too good to be true. Pam Anthony recruitment have the perfect balance of being professional yet appropriately personal and were great with keeping me updated. I consistently received calls and emails and not in the way where you feel hounded only to be disappointed. They keep their word and don’t fill you with false hopes. They know exactly how to match the right candidate to the right company and make you feel like you are the only person they’re helping although they obviously help many. It’s clear it’s not about a “quick buck” to them, but delivering an excellent service as agents should.

I cannot thank Pam Anthony recruitment enough. I’ve finally found my perfect place where I know I’ll grow. All in all I highly recommend them. You are in very safe and capable hands.

Thank you!”


JD / May 2018
I am delighted to recommend Pam who is the consummate professional and always conducts herself with the utmost discretion and respect. We’ve been connected for many years and recently Pam was able to dovetail my skill set, experience and career aspirations with the perfect role for me.

There’s no one I know with more in-depth knowledge of the Direct Sales sector, and Pam is your “go to” contact, whether you’re in the market for a new role or are looking for that elusive candidate. Couldn’t be happier, thank you Pam!”


TG / February 2018
“Pam and the team at Pam Anthony Recruitment are experts in their field and offered an extremely professional, friendly and efficient service from the outset in securing my new role.

The agency have been a pleasure to work with and they kept me fully appraised and updated throughout the recruitment process. I would highly recommend their excellent service to both candidates and clients alike. Huge thanks to both Pam and Sue.”


VM / February 2018
“I know Pam and her recruitment agency from several years and everytime I asked her to find a job opportunity for me, she was always ready to support me very soon.

I contacted her 2 times in the two last years and I got two big job opportunities. If today I achieved my target to be a Country Manager for a multinational company and work abroad it’s because of her. Thanks Pam. I wish you all the best.”


AF / January 2018
“After making initial contact with Pam on the ‘off-chance’ she would be able to provide any new opportunities for me, I was surprised at the speed at which she had provided a shortlist of vacancies. These were tailored quite closely to what I was looking for after having a fact-find conversation with her about my ambitions and how my skill-set could be best channeled.

I would definitely recommend her service for both organisations and individuals that are looking at opportunities specifically within the Direct Sales industry. It is challenging on both sides to find professionals with the necessary experience in the industry and my decision to work with her made the process considerably smoother all round.”


AT / January 2018
“I would highly recommend Pam and her team! Excellent support, guidance and advice throughout the recruitment process. Pam is highly experienced within the Direct Selling industry and takes time to understand the candidates, roles and fit within the business and culture to ensure she is providing the right support for candidates. Highly professional, informative and always available to answer any questions. Thank you Pam for all your support”


HS / November 2017
“I can’t thank Pam enough for her help and support while going through the recruitment process. Pam is professional, supportive and also a really lovely lady. She guided me step by step and kept me up to date throughout. She made the process so much less stressful and resulted in me getting the perfect job!

I’d happily recommend the services of this fantastic recruitment agency! Pam is an absolute star xx thank you!”


AC / November 2017
Both Pam and Sue were fabulous at securing me a role that I REALLY wanted! They were professional, friendly and really kept me in the Loop throughout the whole of the process.

I would highly recommend the recruitment agency and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again… Thanks ladies… you have been fabulous :)”


MS / October 2017
“I have known Pam and Sue for over 10 years and can honestly say these two ladies really are at the top of the game when it comes to recruitment within the Direct Selling space. Pam and Sue are so approachable, knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with!

They make the whole recruitment process simple and straightforward and keep you fully updated throughout every stage of your application. They are super supportive and inspiring and are always on hand to advise and answer questions at a moments notice.

I thoroughly recommend Pam Anthony Recruitment to anyone looking for their next move in Direct Sales.”


NK / October 2017
“Pam and Sue provide a professional service and importantly keep you well informed of your application. Highly recommended to those looking for the next step in their career.”


MD / May 2017
“Pam and Sue at Pam Anthony Recruitment are a super team and I couldn’t recommend them more. Professional, supportive and inspiring throughout the process!”


RD / August 2016
“I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Pam Anthony Recruitment having seen a position that I thought suited me. Sue arranged interviews very quickly and efficiently and a couple of weeks later I started my new job. I would highly recommend using Pam Anthony and thanks Sue for all of your efforts”


JH / May 2015
“I was fully satisfied with the service I received during the recruitment process of my current position/role. From the initial contact through to the final ‘job offer’ I found the communication with both Sue and Pam faultless i.e. clear instructions as to what was required and when.  Also, thanks for your support…you certainly helped!”