Client Services

Our Search and Selection Services

We operate with the utmost professionalism, discretion, integrity, honesty and ethics at all times.

Our recruitment approach includes:

Network and Search

We network confidentially to search for candidates whom we believe will closely match your requirements.  Once identified, these candidates will be interviewed by us and if appropriate selected for the short-list presentation.


We review our own confidential database to identify individuals whose background, experience and personality closely match your requirements. We then conduct initial interviews and make a selection for the short-list presentation to you.

Our database is constantly refreshed with new candidates whom we have personally met and interviewed.

Social Media

We use LinkedIn and Facebook to extend our networking activity and reach the widest possible audience, ensuring that our candidate database is current, relevant, and constantly refreshed.


If authorised by you, we will post your vacancy onto our Company website.  We are usually ranked No.1 on the main search engines in various ‘direct sales’ categories and are able to generate further interest in vacancies through this channel.


Should we not be able to find suitable candidates through our search programme, we will discuss with you the option of advertising the role.  We will research and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective form of advertising to target the right individuals in the shortest possible timescale.

Behavioural Interviewing

We routinely conduct 1 to 1 competency-based interviews using behavioural interview techniques and provide our clients with a full interview report to accompany the candidate’s CV

Assessment Centres

We can design and run Assessment Centres to test candidates on a range of work-related activities individually and in groups, and benchmark internal candidates against external applicants.

DISC Profiling

We carry out psychometric testing on candidates and provide our clients with a full report which gives an invaluable insight into personality attributes, aptitudes and abilities.

Job Description/Person Specification

From our client’s written or verbal brief we can write a comprehensive Job Description for candidates and will compile a Person Specification detailing the skills, aptitude, knowledge, experience, qualifications and personal qualities necessary to fulfil the job criteria