…how much precious time, money and effort is wasted recruiting and training the wrong person, not to mention the pressure on colleagues to pick up the slack?

So how do you choose the Recruitment Partner who is right for you? Read on for our short guide:


1. You Get What You Pay For (as with all things in life)

A good recruitment agency will save you considerable time and money. We can source candidates that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, (including candidates who are actively looking and those who are not, but are open to the right opportunity). We will save you time by screening candidates so that you only get to see the strongest ones, and we will provide expertise on the entire interview and recruitment process

If you use our Recruitment Service, finding the right candidates for you is our job and we will use all our market knowledge and industry expertise to shortlist suitable candidates.

Hiring the right candidate the first time, every time, is definitely money well spent – just ask about our Tiered Recruitment Fees!



2. Reputation and Reach Matters

To get the best candidates, you’ll need a recruiter who has been in business long enough to be respected in the industry and attract the most skilled candidates. (We hope 15 years experience ticks that particular box!)

With specialist recruitment partners strategically placed around Europe and Australasia – all of whom work to the same ethical, professional and consultative standards that we do – we really can be your go-to source for top executive talent.



3. A Specialist Company needs a Specialist Recruiter

Candidates with specific industry expertise are typically much sought after, but an industry specialist can offer more targeted, better calibre candidates than high street recruiters.

Our broad networks both in the UK and Europe, together with our industry knowledge and insight, plus our recruitment expertise will give you the edge in finding top talent to fit your particular bill.



4. Face to Face Interviews are Paramount

We conduct face to face interviews with the candidates we submit to our clients, as observing body language as well as verbal responses is a far better way of making an accurate assessment of the personality/character of a candidate and whether they’ll be the right fit for your company



5. Meet your Recruitment Consultant

When we recruit on your behalf we will always aim to meet with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of the role you are looking to fill and the types of candidates you would like to interview (as well as those that you wouldn’t).


In the words of Arthur F Sheldon: “He profits most who serves best” and we are nothing if not all about the service!

Call us now and find out how we can help with all your recruitment needs leaving you to concentrate on your job!

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