Assignment vs Contingency – The Great Debate!

To assign, or not to assign that is the question!

We are often asked what the benefits are of working with us exclusively (i.e. on assignment), versus placing the same vacancy simultaneously with several agencies.

Whilst modesty precludes us from crowing too loudly about our excellent placement and retention rate – joking aside – there are many benefits to trusting us entirely with your vacancy:

  • First and foremost, your bottom line! We reward our clients’ faith in our services and abilities by reducing our standard fees for all work given to us on assignment
  • Secondly your confidentiality. We work in a relatively small industry, and the more agencies that work on your vacancy, the higher the chances are of word spreading
  • Thirdly our respective professionalism – we are all sourcing from the same talent pool, so some candidates may be approached more than once, and sometimes they have been rejected by us for not meeting your criteria only to be re-approached by another!
  • Lastly, your sanity! Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with just one tried, tested and trusted source?

Then there are your deadlines. Although we apply the same experience, knowledge and methodology to all our work, we have to prioritise fee-paying assignments. Therefore if you are looking to fill a vacancy quickly, we will make sure that we deliver on time.

Our regular clients all now work with us on an assignment basis, because they trust us to deliver on time, on budget and most importantly on point. It really is a win, win.

So if you are putting your plans in place for 2017, our constantly refreshed database boasts fantastic, talented candidates with wide-ranging experience and skillsets across general management, sales, legal & compliance, marketing, finance and operations.

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