Article Published in World of Direct Selling – December 2013

Below is an article from World of Direct Selling which asked the question: ‘what will be the most important issue that will need a closer focus Next Year?’

Whilst social media is one of the most powerful tools of communication that we can use in direct selling, we need to be cautious that this is not being used by the sales force to replace the face to face relationships that are the absolute strength of our industry.

Whilst understanding how difficult it is to approach new people for either a sale, booking a party, or signing up a new recruit – the skills learned from actually performing these tasks, and the confidence gained from it – are immeasurable!

This is what the drives a business forward and gives it a point of difference to other industries.

The threat is if, as an industry, we don’t take responsibility for building those relationships and developing our people, we could ultimately have a sales force which consists of mainly salespeople, an increased attrition rate as no loyalty is built, and fewer business builders as they don’t have the knowledge, skills or confidence to grow their teams.

Pam Anthony, December 2013